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xNFT ProtocolAggregator Protocol of NFT ecosystem, which is a decentralized, cross-chain network designed to create, mint & blind box exchange NFT. Build on a flexible NFT oracle computation & cross-chain communication framework that can also decentralize the way projects raise capital.
What is NFT?
NFT (also “non-fungible Token” or “non-divisible Token”) now has been used in crypto games, virtual space, figure cards, crypto artworks and the like. The unique attributes of NFT allow people to easily issue or have “digital products” that can be verified and not be replaced and counterfeited completely.
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Blind Box Market
“No pending order” in the field of NFT
xNFT Protocol initiates the “no pending order” in ERC721 & ERC1155. Make through the blind box, where the automatic pricing and transaction are determined by the protocol, while the buyer and seller do not offer price.
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Blind Box Liquidity Mining
“Liquidity mining” in the field of NFT
xNFT Protocol initiates the “liquidity mining” with blind box to encourage the transaction between the buyer and seller by mining profits returns.
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Collectibles Price Discovery
NFT “Oracle”
xNFT Protocol calculates the appropriate price of NFT with algorithm based on the collected chain transaction records of NFT and then provides the price to required DAPP or smart contract platform for price feeds.
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Collectibles Funding
“Crowd funding platform” in the field of NFT
xNFT Protocol provides the “private blind box”, where the project party can embed NFT into the blind box for lottery by the buyer. This form greatly enriches the selling interestingness and realizes quick financing for the project party.
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One-Key Cross Chain
“Value Interoperability” in the field of NFT
Users transfer assets using cross-chain network from xNFT Protocol with ease.
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xNFT Protocol,Let NFT Flow!
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